Q: How should I prepare for my first consultation?

A: No special preparation is required – just come as you are. If you have any documents relating to your current state of health, you are welcome to bring them along, but there is no need to forward medical files.

Q: Is TCM covered by OHIP?

A: Currently TCM is not covered by OHIP.

Q: Will my treatment be covered by private insurance?

A: Most private health insurance plans, whether provided through your employer, an association or under an individual policy, include coverage of therapeutic services such as acupuncture. However the specific services covered, as well as any limits on the frequency and cost of treatment, varies widely from plan to plan. We recommend that you consult your benefits guide or contact your insurance representative to determine precisely what coverage is available in your case.

Q: What methods of payment are accepted?

A: ProHealth centre is pleased to accept payments by cash, Interac, Mastercard, or Visa.. We issue itemized receipts.

Q: What are the needle treatments like? Are they painful?

A: The acupuncture needles are fine and flexible, no bigger around than a human hair, deftly insert into an acupoint by a skilled acupuncturist, not much sensation at all, when the needle makes contact with Qi (the vital energy), most patients experience like slight shock shortly on the meridian.